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The following phylogeny is based on the most up-to-date theories as assembled by the University of Arizona Tree of Life project.  Some of the phylogenetic relationships listed below are still under debate, and some are controversial.  Nevertheless,  references are available, and it's all thought-provoking from an evolutionary perspective.

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Eukaryota (organisms with nucleated cells)
Metazoa  (animals)
  Chordata (hagfishes and vertebrates)
    Craniata (animals with skulls)
      Vertebrata (animals with backbones )
        Teleostomi (monophyly is currently debated)
          Gnathostomata (jawed vertebrates)
            Osteichthyes (lobe-finned fishes & tetrapods)
              Sarcopterygii (tetrapods and other digit-bearing vertebrates)
                Amniota  (reptiles, mammals, birds, dinosaurs, etc.)
                  Synapsida (mammals)
                       Mammalia (recent mammals)
                         Marsupialia (opossums, kangaroos, etc.) 
                         Eutheria (placental mammals) 
                           Lagomorpha (rabbits, hares, and pikas) 
                           Rodentia (mice, rats, squirrels, gophers, porcupines, beavers, etc.) 
                           Insectivora (shrews, moles, hedgehogs, etc.) 
                           Carnivora (dogs, cats, bears, raccoons, weasels, mongooses, hyenas, seals, walruses) 
                           Artiodactyla (pigs, deer, cattle, goats, sheep)
                  Diapsida (lizards, sphenodon, crocodylians, birds, and their extinct relatives)
                      Archosauria   (living birds, dinosaurs, crocodiles, and their relatives)
                        Dinosauria   (Dinosaurs and birds)
                            Ornithischia   (bird-hipped plant-eating dinosaurs)
                            Sauropodomorpha   (long-necked plant-eating dinosaurs)
                            Theropoda  (bipedal predatory dinosaurs, including birds)
                              Coelurosauria   (tyrannosaurs, Oviraptor, Velociraptor, birds, and relatives)
                                  Aves (birds)
                                    Neornithes   (modern birds)
                                      Galliformes (megapodes, guans, grouse, pheasants, guineafowl, turkeys) 
                                      Psittaciformes (parrots, cockatoos, macaws) 
                                      Columbiformes (pigeons, doves) 
                Amphibia (living amphibians)
                  Salientia or Anura  (amphibians without tails - frogs and toads)
                    Neobatrachia (higher frogs)









Mammalia (mammals)
Aves (birds)
Reptilia (reptiles)
Amphibia (amphibians)
Osteichthyes (fishes)
Arthropoda (insects)

MAMMALIA        Jim Egenrieder's Advanced Animal Science Class
Common Name Order Family Genus and Species Other
Mice Rodentia Muridae Murinanae Mus musculus  http://nmnhwww.si.edu/cgi-bin/wdb/msw/names/query/23355
Rats Rodentia Muridae Murinae Rattus norvegicus  http://nmnhwww.si.edu/cgi-bin/wdb/msw/names/query/23512
Syrian (Golden) Hamster Rodentia Cricetidae Mesocrictus auratus sometimes called Golden hamster
Gerbil Rodentia Muridae Gerbillinae Gerbillus  http://nmnhwww.si.edu/cgi-bin/wdb/msw/names/query/22186
Spiny mice Rodentia Muridae murinae Acomys cahirinus Two subspeicies: Acomys cahirinus cahirinus
(Egyptian Spiny Mice) and Acomys cahirinus dimmidiatus (Arabian or Cairo Spiny Mice). 
Guinea pig Rodentia Caviidae Cavia porcellus http://netvet.wustl.edu/species/guinea/guinpig.txt
No longer found in the wild.
Chinchilla Rodentia Chinchillidae Chinchilla lanigera http://www.phillyzoo.org/pz0086.htm
Prairie dog Rodentia Sciuridae Cynomys ludovidianus http://www.phillyzoo.org/pz0039.htm
African Hedgehog Insectivora Erinaceidae Atelerix spp. 4 species: Atelerix albiventris (Four-toed hedgehog), Atelerix algirus (Algerian hedgehog), Atelerix frontalis (Southern African hedgehog), Atelerix sclateri (Somali hedgehog)
Sugar Glider Marsupalia Petauridae Petaurus breviceps  http://www.phillyzoo.org/pz0174.htm
Goats Artiodactylia Bovidae Capra hircus http://www.antelopetag.org/taxon.htm
Sheep Artiodactylia Bovidae Ovis aries http://www.antelopetag.org/taxon.htm
Rabbit Lagomorpha Leporidae Oryctologus cuniculus http://www.phillyzoo.org/pz0073.htm
Dogs - German Shorthaired Pointer Carnivora Canidae Canis familiaris
Dogs - Husky Carnivora Canidae Canis familiaris
Cat - American shorthair Carnivora Felis domesticus
Domestic Ferret Carnivora Mustelidae Mustela putorius furo Same as European polecat (M. putorius putorius).
REPTILIA       Jim Egenrieder's Advanced Animal Science Class
Common Name Order Family Genus and Species Other
Sinaloan Milk Snake Squamata Colubridae Colubrinae  Lampropeltis triangulum sinoloe http://thesnake.org/cols.html#48
Mexican Rosy Boa Squamata Lichanura trivirgata trivirgata http://members.aol.com/lichanura2/key.htm
Corn Snake Squamata Colubridae Colubrinae Elaphe guttata guttata http://thesnake.org/cols.html
Same species as Red rat snake. Subspecies??
Rainbow Boa Squamata Epicrates cenchria gaigei  Nine subspecies; brazilian is most common.  Ours may be peruvian.
California King Snake Squamata Colubridae Colubrinae Lampropeltis getulus californiae http://thesnake.org/cols.html
Inland (or Central) Bearded Dragons Squamata Agamidae Pogona vitticeps  http://acmepet.petsmart.com/reptile/library/bdragon.html
Leopard Geckos Squamata Gekkonidae  Eublepharis macularius Color morphs at http://www.breptiles.com/morphs.html
Madagaskar Day Geckos Squamata Gekkonidae 
 Phelsuma madagascariensis 3 subspecies
Iguanas Squamata Iguanidae  Iguana iguana http://www.phillyzoo.org/pz0129.htm
Chameleon Squamata
Eastern Box Turtle Chelonia Emydidae Terrapene carolina carolina http://www.phillyzoo.org/pz0063.htm
Musk Turtle Chelonia Testudinae
Diamond Back Terrapin Chelonia Testudinae
AMPHIBIA       Jim Egenrieder's Advanced Animal Science Class
Common Name Order Family Genus and Species Other
Oriental Fire-Belly Toads Anura Discoglossidae Bombina orientalis
Ornate Hornfrogs Anura Leptodactulidae Ceratophrys ornata Ceratophrys ornata(Bell's ornated horned frog)
Ceratophrys cranwelli(Chacoan horned frog)
Ceratophrys cornuta(Surinam horned frog)
Ceratophrys calcarata(Colombian horned frog)
Ceratophrys aurita(Brazillian horned frog)
White's Treefrogs Anura Hylidae Litoria caerulea  http://natzoo.si.edu/photos/215070s.htm
AVES       Jim Egenrieder's Advanced Animal Science Class
Common Name Order Family Genus and Species Other
Ringed Turtle-Dove Columbiformes Columbidae Streptopelia risoria Source: National Geographic Birds of North America
Chicken Galliformes Gallidae Gallus gallus Most domestic chickens 
Parakeets or Budgies Psittaciformes Psittacidae Psittacinae (Tribe Araini) Melopsittacus undulatus Budge (Melopsittacus undulatus) is the most common cage bird of the 30 Genera and 115 species of parakeets.
Cockatiels Psittaciformes Psittacidae Nymphicus hollandicus
Goffin's Cockatoo Psittaciformes Cacatuidae Cacatuinae Cacatua goffini http://www.mailbag.com/users/avigene/birdlist.htm
Indian Ringneck parrots Psittaciformes Psittacidae Psittacula krameri
Lovebirds Psittaciformes Psittacidae Agapornis personata
ARTHROPODA       Jim Egenrieder's Advanced Animal Science Class
Common Name Order Family Genus and Species Other
Tarantula Aranae http://www.tarantulas.com/main.htm
Horseshoe Crab Arthropoda Merostomata Limulus polyphemus http://www.york.biosis.org/zrdocs/zoolinfo/grp_crus.htm
Crayfish Arthropoda Astacidea Cambarus spp. Arlington speices: Cambarus diogenes diogenes,
Cambarus acuminatus, Cambarus bartonii bartonii
Cambarus robustus, Fallicambarus uhleri, Orconectes immunis
Crickets Orthoptera
Mealworms Coleoptera
OSTEICTHYES      Jim Egenrieder's Advanced Animal Science Class
Common Name Order Family Genus and Species Other
Northern hog sucker Teleostei Perciformes Hypentelium nigricans http://www.deepwater.org/aas/arlington-animals.htm
White sucker Teleostei Perciformes   Catostomus commersoni http://www.deepwater.org/aas/arlington-animals.htm
Green Sunfish Teleostei Perciformes   Lepomis cyanellus http://www.deepwater.org/aas/arlington-animals.htm
Peacock Eel Teleostei Perciformes Macrognathus spp. http://www.fish2u.com/fish2u/peacockeel.html